Juniper Networks – Tools Developer – May-Aug 2013 & May-Nov 2014

mosaic automation toolShow Service

(Sunnyvale, CA) Perl, Ruby, Daemons, Rails, Shell, Capistrano, SVN, PostgreSQL, API

Automation & tools developer, building full-stack applications for automating regression testing. End-to-end projects include health monitoring system with server administrative GUI abstraction. Accomplishments include implementing notification feature (LRM) in 4 days, projected by architects to require 3+ weeks. Started summer 2013 as intern

Likeplum Inc  – VP of Engineering, CMO Sept 2013 to Oct 2014


(Atlanta, GA) Web Dev – PHP, JS, Full-stack | SEO | Algorithm Architect

Technical lead & manage marketing. Grew traffic from < 1000 visits to 80k unique visits per day within 4 months. Lead design & dev on Studypool (Techcrunch), online tutoring platform. Invited Y-Combinator, Hypepotamus, & 500Startups.

Infinera Corporation – Systems Engineer Contractor – June 2012 to Aug 2012

07-18-12 JD Stress Program Overviewjvm

SQL, NoSQL, Cassandra DB, Java, C, AutoHotKey, JVM

Designed & implemented multithreaded benchmarking framework for comparing SQL, NoSQL, Cassandra Cluster. Coded scaffold for feature parity between SQL and non-SQL solutions.

Emory Medical School – Computational medical researcher – since Sept 2011

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(Atlanta, GA) 3D protein modeling, Animal Handling, Molecular Lab Techniques

Employ simulation, synthetic chemistry, in vitro & clinical biology to rationally design better cancer drugs by using software to correlate chemical features with biology activity, a tech-driven approach pioneered by our lab.